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Instagram is winning the ‘Stories’ war

Stories are becoming the biggest trend in social media marketing. All it takes is an everyday-life or behind-the-scenes picture, some filters, a few GIFs/stickers and text for extra meaning, to make your audience never miss your latest and greatest stories. The stories format, whether on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, is the go-to place for brands to share content, but which of the three is worth investing in?

Even though this great feature has been firstly introduced by Snapchat and then followed by Instagram and Facebook, analysts expect Instagram’s advertising revenue to grow 4 times faster than Snapchat’s. It is no secret that more and more content sharing is done through Stories so there is an opportunity for Instagram to generate more money by increasing the ads in Stories. With both Facebook and Instagram having their feed saturated with ads and thus being unable to increase the number of ads without leaving users disappointed, it is expected that Story ads will grow and yield a higher click-through rate.

Having said that, it makes sense for businesses to shift some of their digital marketing budgets from other social media platforms and other types of advertising to Stories ads and take advantage of the relatively low CPC. This emerging ad format allows savvy marketers to capitalize on the unique strengths of the platform to create authentic, engaging content that drives attention and action.

Creating effective, promotional content within Stories can be tricky as the marketing team has to find a way to create material (photos and videos) that grabs audience’s attention within the first two seconds. If you want to fully maximize the revenue potential of Instagram Stories but don’t know where to start, get in touch with us today and we will help you run successful campaigns in Instagram Stories. We have a lot of pro tricks up our sleeves that you can use to engage your audience and grow your business!

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