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8 controversial campaigns that have gone viral!

Controversy in marketing can be an effective way to get your brand noticed and your message across your target audience. Based on Entrepreneur’s controversial marketing article, let’s see how major brands like Nike and Gillette managed to grab people’s attention by taking a stand on...

What makes customers loyal to brands?

You have most probably heard the saying “A satisfied customer is the best advertisement”. Well a satisfied customer, will keep coming back for more, in addition to promoting your business/brand to friends and family. In order to attain this goal, you must consistently provide a...

The science behind using hashtags

Hashtags were first used on Twitter, however its use has gradually spread to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media platforms. Anyone wanting to share/make known content on a relevant topic can add the sign of the hashtag to their message, making the hashtag...

Instagram stories

Instagram is winning the ‘Stories’ war

Stories are becoming the biggest trend in social media marketing. All it takes is an everyday-life or behind-the-scenes picture, some filters, a few GIFs/stickers and text for extra meaning, to make your audience never miss your latest and greatest stories. The stories format, whether on...

Facebook Stories vs Instagram Stories!

The social media platforms that are on the radar for many brands are - without a doubt - Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms offer a huge opportunity for business to connect with customers and with features like Stories, they are slowly changing the face of...

What are the differences between SEO and SEM?

A successful marketing strategy helps attract visitors and drive traffic to your site. An essential tool for any marketing strategy is search optimization, that means to increase the number and quality of visitors to your website by getting your page to rank higher in search...

How to get found locally on Google

When a customer wants to go for brunch on Saturday morning, one of the first things he/she does is to go on Google to search for the closest cafe or restaurant serving brunch. The same goes for any local business, no matter if it’s a...

4 reasons why businesses benefit from blogging

In today’s highly competitive world of business, it is becoming more and more challenging for a business to make its presence known in the digital world. It’s simply a matter of helping internet users to find your incredible content and making them want to come...

Increase Your Facebook Organic Reach With These 7 Secrets

According to the latest stats, Social media is used as much as search engines as a tool for reaching your target audience. The number of people who view your content (Facebook Page and Posts) without paid distribution constitutes what marketers name as organic reach. Reach coming...