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Digital marketing myths debunked

Digital marketing myths debunked

Fact or myth? Myth or fact? Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish what’s true and what’s not so in this blog we decided to present and explain in detail four of the most common digital marketing myths that could potentially be hampering your success and present...

5 steps for starting your own personal blog!

Do you want to be a blogger but don't know where to start? Are you inspired and eager to work but don't have enough money? Here are some basic steps you must follow in order to create your own successful blog! There are a ton of...

Guerrilla marketing MacDonald example

What’s Guerrilla Marketing?

You might never have heard this term before but you have definitely seen its many applications everywhere! “Guerrilla” marketing is an advertising strategy for products which does not require a lot of money and attracts the audience with greater success! This is because it invests in...

The Most Successful Social Media Influencers of 2018

We all know, more or less, the most popular influencers of our time! Today, we present to you the Top Social Media Influencers of 2018! You may have never heard of them before but the influence they have on their audience is remarkable! They are...